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Water Damage Restoration San Diego
Star Carpet Inc. has been providing customers with emergency flood service for more than 30 years.
Carpet Cleaning San Diego
We clean every inch of carpet & floor, including the spots under furniture.
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Professional installation for a wide variety of floor coverings!
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Upholstery Cleaning San Diego
Special cleaning equipment and solutions are used for different fabrics. We hand scrub difficult areas.

Star Carpet Inc.

Water Damage Restoration · Complete Flooring and Floor Covering Services · Sales · Installation · Repair

If you are in need of a San Diego complete carpet cleaning and floor covering service, there are a few aspects of any business you may choose to work with that are important. Below you’ll find details regarding the offerings of Star Carpet Inc. which has been serving as a San Diego carpet cleaning service for more than 30 years. Our products are completely safe and non-toxic. Our friendly knowledgeable staff provides quality service at reasonable rates. With our diversified range of services, you only need to make one call for all your Carpet Cleaning and Floor Covering needs.

  • Carpet Cleaning and Repairs
  • 24 hours Emergency Flood Service
  • Upholstery and Area Rug Cleaning
  • Stain and Spot Removal and Patching
  • Pet Stains and Odor Control
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning and Scaling
  • Wood, Carpet and Tile Sales and Installation
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Floods do not happen on a time clock. They can happen at any time, in any place and for any reason. It doesn’t matter when a flood strikes – people need to jump on the flood water remediation process immediately to preserve as much of their home as possible. Star Carpet Inc. provides their expertise on a 24-hours-per-day basis so that homeowners can feel reassured that one call will unleash help regardless of what it says on the clock or the calendar. Star Carpet Inc. possesses Water Damage Restoration certification from the IICRC.


Important Components of a San Diego Carpet Cleaning Service

There are several items that anyone should look for when choosing a San Diego carpet cleaning service that's right for them. Fortunately for you, Star Carpet Inc. provides all of them. Below are those characteristics:

  • Licensing - A San Diego carpet cleaning service should be properly licensed, and Star Carpet Inc. has obtained all the documentation necessary to provide top-end service.
  • Insurance - Star Carpet Inc. is fully insured and provides worker's compensation insurance for our workers.
  • Staff - Any San Diego carpet cleaning service is only as good as its staff, and Star Carpet Inc. is proud of our team of professionals who are ready to serve you.
  • Guarantee - Star Carpet Inc., offers everyone we work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    "Terms and Conditions May Apply and Are Available Upon Request"

Additional Benefits Provided by Star Carpet Inc.

san diego carpet cleaning
  • Unique cleaning methods - Every carpet is different, and every potential solution involves different steps that need to be taken to achieve the proper result. Star Carpet Inc. analyzes every potential job and provides our customers with a detailed description of what needs to be done.
  • Low moisture cleaning - Cleaning with too much moisture can actually do more harm to a carpet than good, and the team at Star Carpet Inc. spares no expense in using low moisture technology to leave your carpets clean and dry.
  • Minimally invasive techniques - There are San Diego carpet cleaning services that will leave your carpeted rooms a mess when finished. No one should have to move furniture back to its original place after working with us, which is why we will handle all of those details so all you have to do is come home to a clean and fresh carpeted atmosphere.

If you find that your carpets need help, all you need to do is contact the team of San Diego carpet cleaning professionals at Star Carpet Inc. to get this process started. We will respond quickly to your request for information and provide you with a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done, what we will do, how we will do it and what you can expect it to cost. Contact us today at (619) 282-4000 to obtain all the information you need.


Star Carpet Inc. offers everyone we work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
"Terms and Conditions May Apply and Are Available Upon Request"
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